We produce primarily for the demanding Swiss market. This is challenging, but it also makes us proud: of our 60 employees who bake day and night. And of our production that meets all quality requirements – genuine bakery trade in Switzerland’s most modern plant.

production line

Swiss precision: perfectly coordinated production process

Our production runs and runs: around the clock, seven days a week, in three shifts. Up to 30'000 buns per hour leave our factory, ten per second. But speed is not everything. Every single product is as it should be – accurate to the millimetre. We guarantee that.

dough is getting tilted
dough is getting tilted
buns on the way to the oven
rolls on the cooling spiral
Films Flowpack
buns are packed

Food safety

Product quality: our highest maxim

Many factors contribute to our quality assurance: the careful selection of the raw materials, the process design, the maintenance of the production plant, regular checks and the great commitment of our employees. We carry out periodical audits at all levels, and provide further training for employees. Compromises? No way.

bun scoring
bun is measured for quality control
buns get controlled
Écran en production
examinations under the microscope
working in the Fortisa baking laboratory


Always on the pulse: we are constantly developing new products

More often something new, that's how we like it. We particularly like to tinker with prototypes together with customers. We observe the market, maintain a lively exchange with food research, respond to new developments – with creativity and a keen sense of future trends.

Fortisa team discusses about small breads
Swiss raw materials
dough gets kneaded by hand
up to 30'000 rolls per hour

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Tractor roll with seeding




Fortisa galaxy
Magic Corn