Always full throttle: and every day a little better


Vincent Lebet, Fortisa
Dr. Vincent Lebet
Yvonne Gast, Fortisa
Yvonne Gast
Marc Schläppi, Fortisa
Marc Schläppi
Yvonne Hersperger, Fortisa
Yvonne Hersperger

Customer service

Fabrizio Banz
Key Account Manager
Edith Schenk
Sales Services
Patrick Zbinden, Fortisa
Patrick Zbinden
Sales Services

Quality, Development & Sustainability

Dr. Denise Müller
Head of Quality, Development & Sustainability
Carlo Pica
Quality & Development
Esther Nemec
Quality & Development


Michelle Linder, Fortisa
Michelle Linder
Head of Communication
Dusica Mirkovic
Head of Accounting & Controlling
Florentin Mustafa
Commercial Apprentice

Supply Chain

Daniel Hemmann, Fortisa
Daniel Hemmann
Head of Supply Chain
Jonny Schneeberger
Procurement & warehousing

Production & Technology

Samuel Stirnemann, Fortisa
Samuel Stirnemann
Head of Engineering & Maintenance
Giuseppe Cioffi
Head of Production
Thomas Mesmer, Fortisa
Thomas Mesmer
Planing & Sanitation
Marcel Eggers
Shift Leader
Satkunaseelan Karthigesu, Fortisa
Satkunaseelan Karthigesu
Shift Leader
Walid Al Fakhih, Fortisa
Walid Al Fakhih
Shift Leader
Manfred Winistörfer
Shift Leader
Ayan Yönten
Shift Leader

The good interaction makes the difference.

four employees of Fortisa
three members of the technical staff
three members of the production shift 1
three members of the production shift 2