Our History

Milestones: the history of Fortisa

1984 The origin: from the very beginning, we were bun baker for McDonald's Switzerland starting in the artisanal bakery Mischke & Moser in Baden AG.

1991 Foundation of Fortisa AG in Zuchwil: start of industrial bun production with the support of East Balt (now Bimbo QSR), the very first bun bakery for McDonald's in the US.

1995 Pioneering work: introduction of sustainable wheat (IP SuisseĀ®) for the bun production 

2005 Entry into the production of long-life buns for the retail market in tubular bags

2010 Capacity expansion and development of new customer segments in Switzerland and abroad

2013 Vincent Lebet becomes CEO, Guido Moser Chairman of the Board

2014 Launch of INNOBUN, the platform for innovation and development of new products

2016 Production start of ciabatta-like hardrolls

2018-2020 Complete modernization of the production, introduction of new technologies, automation: during active operation

2020 Inauguration of Fortisa 2.0