Louis Studer

His story

The story of Fortisa from Louis's perspective

construction site Fortisa
Louis Studer in 1989
scaffolding of the industrial bakery

1984 to 1991: How it all started

«Everything started with a small question by Ernst Moser. It was about special bread rolls for a fast food chain that wanted to enter the Swiss market. It was 1984. As I am curious, I immediately accepted. So I went to Denver (USA) for a two-month training. I learned from professional bakers how these so-called buns are made. It was a unforgettable time. In addition to the intensive trainings, we had time for skiing, fishing, and we could visit a unique mountain gold mine, including a casino. Back to Switzerland, we started to produce the first Swiss-made buns. At the beginning, we produced around 3,600 buns a day in the Mischke & Moser bakery in Baden. As McDonald’s grew rapidly, it soon became clear, that we needed a location to build a larger bakery. We found what we were looking for in Zuchwil. The construction of Fortisa was completed in 1991 and we started production in September 1991.»

1992 to 2012: further development

During my time at Fortisa, I had the opportunity to have various jobs and I had a lot experiences. I got to know different management styles of my superiors. Some of them were pleasant, others a little less. In 1995, we introduced two-shift operation and rebuilt the proofer and the oven to reach more capacity. I remember that like it was yesterday. After the renovation, the oven stopped working. Nobody knew why. Until I finally discovered the mistake: The oven motor was attached upside down. My years of professional experience helped me a lot. Later we were a little concerned about what would happen on the Millennium Night. But everything went well and we started 2000 without any problems.»

Louis Studer
«Fortisa was an important part of my life and will always be.» Louis Studer

2013 to today: big projects

In 2013 I was introduced to the new CEO Vincent Lebet. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the pleasure of working with Vincent for a long time as I retired in January 2016. Since then I've been enjoying my new phase of life. Vincent has achieved great things with the Fortisa 2020 project and continues to push Fortisa ahead. I was quite skeptical about this huge project, because this was not "just" about an oven or proofer. No, it was a complete renewal and automatization of the whole machineries.

And all this while production was running - a kind of “open heart surgery”. It was a great pleasure and honor for me to follow the construction and renovation on the site, day by day.


Today I am very proud of what Fortisa achieved in the past few months. Well, the new goods lift should be a little faster. But joking aside: Fortisa was an important part of my life and will always be.»