A considerate
purchasing policy

We believe in the production site in Switzerland, support active agriculture and appreciate short transport distances. For that reason, we prefer to use Swiss raw materials whenever possible.

«We are committed to a respectful approach to all resources and actively pursue a sustainability strategy, focusing on energy supply, energy efficiency and raw material procurement.»

Daniel Hemmann, Purchaser

Fortisa assumes responsibility for its employees

Together with our staff, we are committed to meaningful rank models and a high level of safety in the workplace. To us, our role in society is also a concern so we therefore work closely with institutions that offer secured employment for mentally or physically disabled people.

High energy efficiency

Making baked goods is an energy intensive process. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in significantly increasing our energy efficiency and reducing the relative CO2 emissions by more than 20% since 2008 with the help of targeted investments and systematic energy monitoring. In order to become the best in this category, we are planning a further reduction of 15% by the year 2020.


Artikel «Der Mann mit dem Bun», Magazin Regioenergie 1/2018


Our partners

We are supported by various partners in the fields of environment, energy & CO2 and environmental management.


    • Fortisa campaigns for biodiversity and uses IP-Suisse grains.

      The Agricultural Association is based in Zollikofen and currently has more than 20,000 members. IP SUISSE farmers run their operations in such a way that livelihoods and the biosphere are preserved and maintained for the future. The IP-SUISSE manufacturer’s trademark is a ladybug.

      For every 100 kg of IP-SUISSE flour, approximately one Swiss franc in put toward an appropriated fund for the promotion of biodiversity habitats and endangered species. The financial support from the biodiversity fund was used to replant more than 14,000 mature trees in 2010, for example. At the same time, fallow land and meadows were newly sown, spanning a surface area greater than 1,400 football fields.


    • SUISSE GUARANTIE offers real decision support and security when shopping. Because regular certifications and independent checks ensure that the raw materials from SUISSE GARANTIE products originate from Swiss agriculture and are processed exclusively in Switzerland.


    • The EnAW (Energie-Agentur Schweiz or Energy Agency of Switzerland) supports the EnAW industrial, commercial and service enterprises in reducing their CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency.

  • VEBO

    • VEBO’s mission is to promote the inclusion of disabled people in today’s workforce according to the motto "appreciation through added value."


    • The Code of Conduct was established by McDonald’s and is appreciated and accepted as a high standard by all companies in the industry. Fortisa undergoes regular audits, thereby ensuring continued certification through the Code of Conduct.

      Code of Conduct PDF


    • The Ronald McDonald House Charities have been committed to seriously ill children and their families in Switzerland since 1992. Today, there are seven Ronald McDonald Houses near specialty clinics that offer families a home away from home. So far, over 10,000 families have spent more than 90,000 nights in a Swiss Ronald McDonald House.